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         Memorial Scholarship________________


Recipients of the Michael Starks Memorial Scholarship:

                                                    Orlando Avila, 2008-2009                                 Josh Anderson, 2012-2013
                                                    Jackie Sliwinski, 2009-2010                              Yahya Yusef, 2013- 2014 
                                                    Trevor Bonn, 2010-2011                                   Melissa Agular, 2014-2015 
                                                    Nick Markham, 2011-2012                               Deonno Avila, 2015-2016     

Thank you, Orlando, Jackie, Trevor, Nick, Josh, Yahya, and Melissa for acknowledging and exemplifying the very best qualities that we all strive to embrace, so well-illuminating the vital roles we are play in the lives of those we hold close. Surely each of you in your own way best reflect the values and virtues that our own son held in such high regard. In the celebration of all people and their individual needs, we continue to put  the safety, well-being, and sheer value of human life before our own fears. The recipients of this award will be a person who is honest, courageous, in love with humanity and, in a word, a true friend.  


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